At Auto Ad Builder we have done a couple of videos over the years. Since 2009 we have done over 6500 videos on cars with over 42,000,000 million views and counting. Check it out for yourself on our Auto Ad Builder You Tube Channel.

The web is always changing and Auto Ad Builder is always trying to stay ahead of that curve.
Currently the Car Dealership crave has been Video Websites. It keeps the customer engaged with your site while watching a commercial of your dealership. They tend to be about 60 seconds and can include service, auto body, detailing, rentals, waiting areas, showroom and your inventory. Its a great way in enticing your buyers towards your products and services.

Gaining Consumer Trust before the even step foot on the lot. 

Your video and website reveals your personality that turns out a great help in connecting with your consumers. These Car Dealer Video Websites can create an emotional connection with your customers, which creates a presence online along with expanding your reach through sharing. You want to create a “Website Destination Location” where customers will continue to come back and follow your inventory.

This Dealership Video can decrease your bounce rates and increase conversion rates, videos are a great way to increase your SEO. Customers are far more likely to share a stunning video with their friends online more potential consumers. With every share of your video, your websites’ SEO boosts due to increased traffic.

Want to see some examples check out some of our VIDEO WEBSITES

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