RV Responsive Websites –

Looking over some of our clients in review we will spot light Escape RV. After launching their new website we looked at the growth over the last 6 months. We have to say that the growth was impressive to say the least. The owner and AAB had used the same choice words to describe the growth of March and the previous months leading to it. These numbers are a result of the website, SEO, the staff at Escape RV and Auto Ad Builder working together on a daily basis.

You know your doing good well when the competition calls you…..

Auto Ad Builder was referred to a RV / Trailer client that we did photographer and video for about two years ago.  The owner like most wanted to expand his business and was not happy with their website company. We meet with him several times to explain different options and strategies to increase business. This owner like many, has a problem with over analyzing everything and letting go.  He never called back? It happens. Maybe we didn’t meet his expectations or he put us on the shelf for a later time? However, he was ready when he saw we were 5 miles away and making big strides in the industry.  Did we look for Escape RV, no we were referred to them. We would have done the same for the other guy. Moral is you snooze you lose.

The phone call

So he calls Auto Ad Builder and basically tries to spy on us and threaten us. That’s fine, means were doing a great job. Haters are your biggest fans in the industry. He states that he has “big things coming”, he’s “working with his website company” and he “will be spending $1200.00 a month for traffic”.  Our response “good luck to you” and “you better double that $1200.00 budget”. Funny thing is we were not even thinking about him at all. In all actuality he poses no real competition to my client, but we will devote a little time to targeting his products. (By the way are not spending any money on driving traffic to Escape RV.)

As a result of the potential client like the one mentioned, we are now interviewing owners. We do not want to work with dealer principles who are working against us and themselves.  Biggest problem in the industry seems to be the owner is holding back the potential of their own companies. Yes, many businesses cant find good help and want to do everything themselves. As a result in our experiences in industry 95% of all businesses are still not using the potential of the internet properly.

We do not claim to know everything about the RV industry and it is an on going learning process. That is why we try to work hand in hand with our clients to learn both ways. If we do not know something we are up front and state it. However, owners of businesses think their family members, employees or even themselves can run a proper internet campaign.  If you have a marketing problem and we feel we can take it on successfully we will. If we cannot help you grow we do not want our name at the bottom of that businesses website. Our work speaks for itself here at Auto Ad Builder.