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Automotive Dealership Consulting

A buy and sell opportunity can turn into a lucrative business provided that you do it well. As technology increases and state-of-the art cars are being produced, people will always have the need to buy new vehicles; thus also creating the need to disposed of old ones.

Let us look over your website, social media, advertising, staff, photos, video, and listen in to your phone calls. One of the reasons why dealership principles need an outsider is to look at things in a fresh perspective. There is always room from improvement in order to convert higher each month.

We look at your dealerships strengths, weaknesses, and how you fare versus competitors in local markets.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Online marketing is a flexible and fluid medium, designed to increase your visibility. By utilizing a multitude of avenues, such as social media, email or other platforms, we can help your business engage its visitors, converting them to sales and bringing them back again. Ensuring that your website is featured high in the search engine result page (SERP) and situating advertising where your visitors are most likely to see it are just the beginning of the process.

We also engage people in others ways as well. With social media marketing and marketing via email, we can get much more personal with your visitors, allowing you to build relationships that pay off now, and well into the future. Building and protecting your online reputation ensures that a high level of trust continues between you and those people who are most likely to need your services.

  • Before you jump into marketing your business online, we develop a viable plan for reaching the goals for your business. By learning about your business, and analyzing the results of your website, we gain the knowledge required to hammer out a plan of action.
  • Once the path for reaching your business goals has been devised, we set to work engaging those online users who are most likely to be looking for what you have to offer. By engaging those particular people, and driving them to your website, we know they are likely to become your customers and make a sale with you. We do this by utilizing a variety of online media, focusing on those niches which contain the visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Our websites focuses on a user friendly experience, once people arrive there, they find it easy to navigate. Being able to engage your visitors after the sale often leads to repeat customers as it brings a more personal touch to the online experience.
Automotive Videography

Automotive Photography & Video for New Jersey Car Dealerships uploading our reviews for your inventory and write-ups for your website.

Automotive Live Videography Services

One of the biggest problems when taking video is what to say? If you are behind the camera and have no idea about automobiles you’re going to discourage potential buyers. At Automotive Ad Builder we are videographer’s and automotive enthusiasts. We have taken over 10,000 videos on various makes and models since 2005. We do not use the typical photo slide show with the computer generated voice, but we can if you like.

Since the inception of You Tube we have been giving customers a new venue of how to purchase a vehicle. During the video walk around, we describe, use the functions of the vehicle and even drive the car if applicable. Back at the office we use video editing software with our workstation to incorporate you’re dealership logo into the video and more.

Automotive Social Media Management

Social media is all about forging connections and reaching across the miles to engage people. By integrating social media into your marketing campaign, we can help your company appear better in the search engine results. Selling your products, brand enhancement, bringing traffic to your website and gaining new customers while continuing to serve your current ones are just a few of the many benefits of using social media.

Maintaining personal contact and a sense of community is vital in this social media age. By engaging customers on a regular basis, you can find out what they like, and what they would like to see changed. By considering their needs, your company grows and adapts, positioning itself as a long-term solution for your target audience, and their contacts that might be able to use your services in the future.

  • The ability to share content and feedback instantly makes social media the perfect route to the pulse of your users. Engaging your audience in an effort to discover what makes them tick and offering exclusive promotions are just two ways you can use social media to make your business better while also measuring the success of your efforts.
  • Your online reputation can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. Being proactive and monitoring the impression your brand makes online, gives you the opportunity to address any issues. Engaging users via the channels of social media also allows you to provide customer service instantly, rather than forcing your customers to contact you via email.
  • Making a more personal connection to your audience can deepen your relationship with them. Putting a human face to a business fights the sterility and anonymous nature of online interactions. Encouraging your connections to share their experiences and content via the various social media platforms helps to keep your brand trending.
Automotive Advertising Graphics

The graphics that are used on your website need to be designed to meet two criterias – make your company look good and be engaging for your visitors. The graphics we use on your website can range from simple pictures to videos to flash. We consult with you and determine the best mix for your particular business as well as your goals.

At the most basic level, graphic design involves the pictures that are used on your website. Those pictures need to be related to what your company represents. Basic graphic design also involves making sure the colors and fonts of your website work well together. Helping your design space look sharp, polished and professional keeps your visitors there, engaged and coming back for more. Integrating these various multimedia aspects, helps create a more robust experience for your visitors.

  • Videos are a versatile and flexible medium that allows you to put a face to your business. Whether it is a video of you demonstrating how to use your products or a customer putting your services to good use, a video provides entertainment value while making connections with your client base.
  • The newest way to engage your visitors is the use of flash graphics. Flash is a versatile medium that enables you to choose from loading only a few elements to creating your entire site. Using a flash website allows you to immediately grab your visitor’s attention and dazzle them with the fast loading content. Optimizing your website for the major search engines allows you to engage people more easily.
  • Studies show that flash, videos and other multimedia designs bring visitors to your website and keep them there longer. Your visitors are also more likely to keep coming back and engage in your website when these types of graphics are used.